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Are you thinking about planning logistics facilities?
We can offer you a wide range of ideas to support your business.

Logistics is essential to our modern day life and business.

It is supported by infrastructures - roads and railways, transportation systems - airplanes, boats and road vehicles, and logistics facilities - warehouses and distribution centers.

In recent years, industrial logistics facilities are undergoing a big transformation. We can find many newly developed large-scale logistics centers with highly advanced systems in all over Japan. 

We - Japan Logistics Facility Ltd. can offer various forms of services concerned with logistics facilities of a new generation.

As your business partner,  we will provide satisfactory services such as information about logistices facilities, market information, expertise in development, planning, managing and directing, even investment ideas, development business, design and construction. We can offer support to your business in various areas.

Please feel free to consult us about anything related to logistics facilities.

Our uniqueness

We are a unique firm specialized in industrial logistics real estate by networking experts on logistics.

With a huge network of specialists such as in business logistics, development, design and constructing of logistics facilities, assessment of logistics facilities, real estate appraisal, and even logistics real estate investors and investment advisors, we can provide you with a total support of your requirement.

We can develop logistics facilities and offer you most advanced and excellent logistics facilities.

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