Japan Logistics Facility Ltd.

 1-13-10, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 105-0023

TEL: +81 3 6414 7250 
FAX: +81 3 6414 7248 



Consulting services for planning, design, construction and development of logistics facilities
  We will offer you comprehensive advice for logistics facilities project -- architectural design,
  proposals of effective usage of estate, seismic isolation design or earthquake resistant
  structures, energy conservation, planning of maintenance and management, supervision
  of construction, consultation for architectural laws and regulations.
Provision of information and brokerage business of logistics real estate
  Based on a nationwide network, we can provide you with a latest information about site
  selection, logistical real estate, and lease of logistics centers.
Information about investment in logistics facilities
  With providing information about logistical investment property and investment support,
  we will offer you appropriate advice for investment such as effective usage of estate.
Development of logistics facilities
  Development in urbanization control area or agricultural area, information about land
  and city planning, advice on application of logistics development law --- 
  we will support your business from all kinds of aspects.

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