Japan Logistics Facility Ltd.

 1-13-10, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 105-0023

TEL: +81 3 6414 7250 
FAX: +81 3 6414 7248 



Company information

Company NameJapan Logistics Facility Ltd.
President & CEOEiji Kawada
Location1-13-10, Shibaura, Minato-ku 105-0023, Tokyo, Japan
TEL (Japanese only)+81-3-6414-7250
e-mail addressinfo@j-logi-f.co.jp
Capital Stock30,000,000 JY
Board of directors

Kazumitsu Sone    Executive Vice President & Director

        ( President & CEO of Daiwa Corporation Ltd. )

Mataemon Suzuki  Director

          ( President & CEO of Taisei Warehouse Corporation Ltd.)

Masakazu Ikeda     Director

          ( President & CEO of Tokyo Sohko Unyu Ltd. )

Iwakazu Ohtani  Director

          ( Board Chairman of E-Sohko Inc. )

Tarou Daitoku        Auditor

          ( Senior partner of Azabu Tax Corporation )

Business license

Senior registered architect office Governor of Tokyo Approval No. 59207

Real Estate Broker Governor of Tokyo Approval (2) No. 95511

Our operation

marketing, design, construction, lease,  agency business of real estates for logistics facilities

architectural planning, design construction, facility management, consulting service

・Our stuff

  Eiji Kawada CEO First class architect, Real estate transaction agent, Real estate consulting master 

  Yutaka Nose Senior chief engineer  First class architect, Quantity surveyor 

  Yasuyuki Ito Senior advisor Real estate transaction agent 

  Yoko Ishii Senior chief manager

  Hayato Ohi  Chief engineer 

  Daiki Serizawa   Chief Manager   Real estate transaction agent

  Aina Ozawa   Manager

      Mistuko Matsuyama  Senior assistant 

Our office


Meeting booth

Conference space

Work space

Outside of the office

Full view of the building

Adjacent buildings
(Minato-park Shibaura、Aiiku Hospital)

Shibaura park

Access to our office

About 8 min. walk from Tamachi Station (JR Line) or Mita Station (Toei Subway)

Other information